Better Call Saul – Netflix – 5 Seasons

I have been watching the exploits of Jimmy McGill as he evolves into corner cutting alter ego Saul Goodman for 5 years now and I have controversially come to the conclusion that this show has eclipsed its sister programme Breaking Bad in every metric.

Strong praise. Why? Simply the way each character has been slowly deconstructed and recalibrated, their flaws revealed methodically as though you’re peeling an onion while each episode progresses. Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn lead the charge with hypnotising performances as main protagonists Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler, attorney’s at law with very different approaches to the legal profession.

Set in the 10 years preceding Breaking Bad, it is an ideal tonic for fans wanting to explore the origins of that story while not needing to understand the events surrounding that particular show.

A character piece at its heart, the producers do a great job of distracting viewers by writing three individual story strands that are solely linked via Odenkirk’s lead. McGill is a down on his luck, extremely street smart, intelligent lawyer who is sneered upon by his contemporaries due to his supposed inferior academic credentials. The chip on his shoulder drives him to prove everyone within his immediate universe wrong whereas he has no problem winning the hearts and minds of strangers that need his services.

Getting caught up in corruption, drug cartel’s, petty scams and shady business dealings, his one true constant (Seehorn as Wexler) sticks by him- but will she be attracted to the dark side as well and will it all end in tears?

An overall masterpiece and a triumph for well thought out storytelling.

Rating: 9.25/10

Viewed: April 2020

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