Freud – Netflix – 1 season

Austrian Gothic psychological drama attempts to portray infamous psychiatrist as rival of Sherlock Holmes. That would be the quickest way to describe the plotline behind wacky and strange happenings surrounding an exiled Hungarian aristocratic family in Vienna.

Touching on early approaches of tackling severe mental health problems to saucery and witchcraft, Sigmund Freud (Robert Finster) battles his own personal daemons and scientific ridicule to investigate a number of worrying murders that are linked to high society within the city.

Besotted and intrigued by the mystical Fleur Salome (Ella Rumpf) who lives with an abusive Aunt and Uncle, he spends the series trying to convince the local police and military that his new found technique of hypnosis is a viable method for solving a checklist of crimes that are stacking up.

My favourite aspect of this show is the way the Director has portrayed Austria in the 1880’s. Superbly lit for spooky affect with a number of famous locations on show, it really adds to the intended tension and ambience of each scene.

Another one that needs to be watched with subtitles rather than dubbing for authenticity, while not worth rushing for the remote it’s decent, mindless entertainment.

Rating: 6.5/10

Viewed: May 2020

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