Borat: Subsequent Movie Film – Amazon Prime – Film

Sacha Baron Cohen reaches new heights with this watch-through-your-fingers sequel to the 2006 masterclass, as Kazakhstan’s most eminent reporter Borat Sadgidev.

Set against the backdrop of a deadly pandemic and a generation defining election on the horizon, the biggest challenge facing the star was going under the radar in a country where he is now renowned for upsetting the apple cart and famous for shining a light on some of the darkest recesses of American culture.

The simplicity in how Cohen and his brilliant co-star Maria Bakalova (playing his Daughter) execute their skits leave you wondering whether you’re watching a documentary or a perfectly acted mockumentary. His tried and tested formula of starting by interacting with unsuspecting locals and working his way up to embarrassing politicians of international significance is masterful and he does a better job of holding power and money to account than many trained journalists!

Perhaps the reason Borat is cherished as a character is because he is not overexposed. This goes some way to him going under the radar and being able to refresh the act each time; time will tell as to whether we will see another outing for him however, if this is the last we see then it’s safe to say he’s gone out on a high.

Rating: 8/10

Viewed: October 2020

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