Room 2806: The Accusation – Netflix – Docuseries

Streaming platforms have been stocking up on worldwide political scandal documentaries for years however, the last 18 months have seen dozens of direct commissions from the likes of Netflix and Amazon examining the sordid details of secret lives being lead by a host of global leaders.

Room 2806 is no different to the excellent but infuriating content shared in shows like Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich or Dirty Money however, it strikes a much more mellow tone with a much deeper look at victim impact across five episodes.

Dominque Strauss-Khan was the Global Head of the IMF until accusations surfaced of sexual assault on a maid at a popular downtown New York hotel in 2011. Unlike Jeffery Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, Strauss-Khan’s impeccable reputation as a financial genius and relative political popularity in France- where he was planning to run for Presidency in 2012- means the charges are met with a degree of scepticism from the media and society alike.

Hearing from both Strauss-Khan’s defence team, a whole host of accusers and the prosecutorial bench, viewers are presented with evidence as if they are part of the jury and are left to make up their own decisions throughout with a major twist arriving towards the end of part four.

Given the serious nature of the allegations that arise in this series, it is unbelievable and immoral that having a large sum of money in your bank account can lead to almost complete immunity but it is reassuring to know that producers of documentaries like this are a growing component in holding power to account.

Rating: 8/10

Viewed: December 2020

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