Little Things – Netflix – Three Seasons

Quirky, upbeat and delightful drama Little Things began life on social media in 2016 with short 15 minute episodes being distributed via Dice Media and YouTube before catching the attention of Netflix executives who beefed it up and gave it the spotlight it deserves. It brilliantly manages to balance the sobering realism for twenty somethings in India of life in a stable, long term relationship with fantasy, temptation and rebellion.

With a main cast of only two- Mithila Palkar as the level headed, strong willed, modern girlfriend Kavya and Dhruv Sehgal (who also writes the show) as vulnerable, charming but flawed partner- the show is superb at inoffensively challenging South Asian societal taboo and the struggles of maintaining a happy existence in such a judgemental culture.

Most episodes take place within basic settings- a bedroom, a kitchen, a classroom- so the series relies more than most on acting performance and indeed the charming cleverness of the production is despite having only two characters, they never seem to get boring or lose a beat.

By bringing to the fore a set of relatable scenarios- long distance relationships, jealousy of friends, work stress and gender roles (to name just a few)- and handling them with with delicacy, the show does more than most to redress the balance of toxic notions spread by ‘influencers’ and ‘mainstream media’ of what relationships are actually like.

A really easy watch that will wash over you but make a lasting impression. Superb performances from both actors and a positive, hopeful story to pick you up during gloomy times.

Rating: 8.25/10

Viewed: December 2020

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