The Assassination of Gianni Versace – Netflix – Limited Series

Part of the “American Crime Story” series from the producers of preceding smash hit “The People vs OJ Simpson”, I would argue that this impeccable nine part, reverse chronological depiction of the unravelling of serial killer Andrew Cunanan’s life out does its sister show, which is no mean feat.

Darren Criss is unassailable in his depiction of the troubled sociopath Cunanan as his character swings from being the smothered, spoilt and over-loved apple of his parents eye into a lonely and fantastically fragile delusion of a man.

Although they never cross paths on screen, his character is juxtaposed by Penelope Cruz’s spellbinding portrayal of Donatella Versace who occupies similar levels of affection from her family, including globally renowned fashion designer older brother Gianni.

While Cunanan and Donatella enjoy similar levels of privilege while growing up they opt to take very different paths in life. Due to his upbringing, Andrew is unwilling to understand why he should have to work hard to enjoy a lavish lifestyle while Versace knows how hard she has to work but is struggling to live up to Gianni’s expectations.

A narcissist from teenage years, Cunanan spins an ever growing, elaborate web of lies and deceit in order to take the short cut to luxury while a complex relationship with his Father- explored in detail during the episode “Creator/Destroyer”- only fuels his underlying feelings of resentment and jealousy.

The way this story is laid out by telling it back to front really adds to the drama as early episodes it leave viewers aghast when comprehending Andrew’s out of control actions.

Not a foot put wrong by the cast but a few historical inaccuracies in relation to the true story, this shouldn’t put you off; the content is utterly bingeable. I await with baited breath as to what the next instalment named Impeachment- documenting the scandals in a Clinton White House- brings.

Rating: 9/10

Viewed: January 2021

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