Safehouse – Netflix – Season 1

Safehouse focuses on Robert Carmichael (played by Christopher Ecclestone), a retired cop who has moved to the remote wilderness of Lancashire to escape the traumas of his past. Joined by wife Katy (played by Marsha Thomason) they attempt to go under the radar by acting as hosts at an Air BnB equivalent.

Ecclestone has carved a niché as a versatile actor who can take on pretty much any role however, he stands towards the top of his class when it comes to playing the gritty, brooding authority figure in emotional self-turmoil.

Tranquility is shattered when Robert receives a proposition from an ex-colleague to house a family who are in the crosshairs of a maniacal killer for reasons that aren’t quite apparent. Despite his instincts and those close to him advising him otherwise, he accepts the job in order to chase redemption for the way his policing career ended.

A decorated former protection officer, Robert bites off more than he can chew as he realises the moving parts, erratic behaviour and complex backstory of the Blackwell’s (who are placed in his custody) soon lead to an unravelling of trust and the placement of the whole household into the firing line.

A typical race against time thriller which will leave you screaming at the TV because of the naivety and immaturity of the characters. The haunting location based shooting helps add to the tension and adds an extra dimension to the multiple chase scenes.

Semi-enjoyable but at times a little far fetched- especially with the added layer of Robert’s former police colleagues constantly raising suspicion.

There is apparently a second season floating about out there with a totally different cast- perhaps an attempt to be the UK’s answer to Fargo…

Rating: 7/10

Viewed: February 2021

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