Delhi Crime – Netflix – Limited Series

As someone who has travelled to India over 20 times and who has a fascination with the social and political machinations across the South Asian subcontinent, this series hit a nerve with me.

Dramatising events surrounding the horrific 2012 Delhi Gang Rape, the story follows inspirational Deputy Commissioner of Police Vartika Chaturvedi played by the brilliant Shefali Shah- who steals most scenes- in her non-stop quest to find the perpetrators while battling corruption, malaise and sexism within the Delhi Police.

Without the resources or forensic advances that her contemporaries in the West would enjoy to unpick crimes and pursue justice, Chaturvedi and her carefully assembled, trusted team of officers and outraged citizens of India hunt down suspects using what we would term “good old fashioned police work.”

Each episode excitedly meanders around the hunt for moral-free perpetrators who shockingly find support and approval for their actions amongst backwards, misogynistic members of society.

I will be forever mesmerised by India and will continue to visit throughout my life however, it is important to highlight the plight that many women face in a society which is torn between modernisation and traditionalism. India is a beautiful country with more good people than bad however, Delhi Crime does an amazing job representing the complexities of living amongst a divided 1.2bn people. World class drama which will drive you to chain watching.

Viewed: March 2020

Rating: 9/10

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