Tiger King – Netflix – Limited Series

Probably the most talked about show of 2020 focuses on the wild and wacky world of personal zookeeping in the USA which pits dangerous eccentric Joe Exotic- owner of GW Zoo in Oklahoma- in a proxy-war with arch nemesis and Carole Baskin who promotes herself a the saviour of tigers through her Big Cat Rescue organisation.

Given the shenanigans of the the main protagonists you could be forgiven for thinking their ‘characters’ were the invention of a crack, award winning writing team alas sadly, this show is actually a documentary pieced together using footage produced by Exotic’s own in house TV station at his zoo.

Wrapped up in all of this are stories of murder, kidnap, extortion, blackmail, polygamy and animal cruelty but it is superbly composed to leave a bad taste in your mouth as to who you should be ‘rooting for’.

The supporting cast of misfits simply add another level of madness and disorientation as each episode draws your jaw even closer to the ground. For shock value alone I’d recommend you give this rollercoaster a ride immediately. You have to suspend disbelief but it will make you feel better about awful 2020.

Rating: 8.5/10

Viewed: April 2020

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