The People vs OJ Simpson – Netflix – Limited Series

One of the most sensational crime stories in American history pits NFL icon OJ Simpson against the US justice system on the back of the murder of his ex-partner Nicole Brown-Simpson and her new boyfriend Ron Goldman.

Back in the 1990’s the investigation and trial played out in the court of public opinion as TV networks and fledgling internet bloggers took sides and ran 24/7 coverage of the deaths, arrests and subsequent courtroom proceedings. Blending real footage with superbly portrayed dramatised events from an ensemble cast, the show manages the impressive feat of keeping you at the edge of your seat despite ultimately knowing the outcome.

Things that viewers probably weren’t aware of is the highly charged and sexualised politics unravelling behind the scenes as both the defence and prosecution team engage in various dirty tactics of one-upmanship in an attempt to secure a favourable verdict.

The keyword in this story is “incompetence” and the spotlight is shined on some very worrying social issues that have been gripping America for hundreds of years.

Sarah Paulson shines as Marcia Clark, the lead Prosecutor who stands firm amidst a barrage of extremely personal abuse and Cuba Gooding Jr turns in an all time great performance as the smarmy, self assured but worryingly unstable OJ Simpson.

Rating: 8/10

Viewed: April 2020

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