Dirty Money – Netflix – 2 Seasons

A staggering docu-series with a no-holds barred examination of global corruption and power abuse. Whether it be independent nation states engaged in election rigging and money laundering, major global banks funding a host of high profile terrorist organisations or well known brands engaged in corporate espionage and ripping off their customers, this is a perfect show to get you angry and active.

There is literally something for everyone here and the producers take a year zero approach by explaining the background of each case, biographise key people and put into layman’s terms the charges being levelled against them. You don’t have to understand micro economics, accounting or be a politics boffin to be engrossed/outrage at what you’re seeing.

For me, there are a couple of stand out episodes- “The Confidence Man” which details the shady business practices of a certain Donald Trump, “The Maple Syrup Heist” which examine the murky local mafioso style politics between maple syrup producers in Canada (yes seriously!) and The Wagon Wheel, a shocking look at the engrained unethical processes used to attract new custom and win market share at America’s biggest bank Wells Fargo.

Too many people are oblivious to how money buys power moveover, it’s the kind of influence you or I will never be able to lean on if we get into trouble. I watched this show already feeling politically engaged however, I will now sharpen my resolve to campaign against the shocking excesses of abusive regimes.

Rating: 8.5/10

Viewed: April 2020

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