Unbelievable – Netflix – Mini Series

This excellently scripted, excellently acted, excellently executed dramatised account of a true story knocked the socks off our household and left us similarly depressed at how one victim of a sick and heinous crime had to fight simply to be believed purely because of her social background.

Following the life of Marie Adler- a care leaver played by the immaculate Kaitlyn Dever- who has lived all her life as a foster child, the story starts when she is subjected to a horrific sexual assault at her transitional living facility, a place where young people like her go to safely learn how to fend for themselves as they come of age.

Shunned and dismissed by the attending emergency services officer’s and a pair of underqualified, sceptical police detectives, her case crosses the desk of Detective Grace Rasmussen (Toni Collette) who takes it upon herself to gain justice for the youngster. By chance, Rasmussen encounters maverick, well respected and tough Detective Karen Duvall (Merritt Weaver) who is knee deep in rape case investigations at a neighbouring county’s police department and this is where the magic happens.

Collete, Weaver and Dever are magic together on screen and their magnetism draws you deeper into the investigation as they sift through and chase down plethora of suspects.

A high quality true crime drama set against a backdrop of social inequality, corruption and nepotism. Bingeworthy but also easy to pick back up with after a few days off.

Rating: 9/10

Viewed: April 2020

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