Unorthodox – Netflix – Mini Series

Another trip into the world of organised religion and the terrifying oppression it can represent when abused by those that claim to be elders, scholars and prophets. Etsy is a young, curious ultra-orthodox Jew longing for exposure to a world outside the extremely traditional Jewish community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Years of oppression lead to her plotting an escape from her controlling family who have limited her aspirations to getting married and birthing lots of offspring.

The series is riddled with sinister undertones highlighting psychological abuse, the dangers of cults, female objectification and mental health challenges. Each of the aforementioned are personified by different people that Etsy encounters on her quest but the brilliance behind this show is you feel so sorry for her that you aren’t quite sure which characters to trust.

Despite being 18, the audience grow up with her throughout as she attempts to exist, let alone live outside the social structures that have been built around her since she was young.

A good leading performance from Shira Haas in one of her debut roles, equal marks for Amit Rahav for his portrayal of pathetic Yankee Shapiro. Producers should be commended for keeping this to four episodes and not trying to fill out the story with unnecessary complications.

Rating: 8/10

Viewed: April 2020

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