Ozark – Netflix – 3 seasons

Three glorious seasons of dark crime thriller Ozark have left me completely hooked. I’m unashamed to say blows its nearest contemporary Breaking Bad out of the water.

It has probably been hidden in plain sight on most people’s Netflix accounts for the past 3 years but I’m actually glad it was because it allowed for 30 hours worth of chain watching.

A series of unfortunate events force the Byrde family to leave their much loved life in Chicago’s suburbs and head for the sleepy, tight knit Missouri backwater of Ozark. Unexpectedly entangled in a range of federal crimes, Marty Byrde- a talented husband and father- balances keeping his family safe by acting as accountant to a Mexican drug cartel with acclimatising to their hostile new environment which is hardwired with complex local politics.

Every single character is written to perfection and it’s hard to choose a favourite. My top three would have to be Ruth (played by the imperious Julia Garner), Darlene (portrayed by the impeachable Lisa Emery) and the hapless Sam (who is clearly meant to be a device of light relief amidst all the darkness, played by relative unknown Kevin L Johnson)

As the reality of their situation slowly dawns on each member of the family, all of them have a differing opinion on what survival looks like as they slowly slide into more criminality. Should they try to escape their situation or should they make a fist of their new reality? World class.

Rating: 9.25/10

Viewed: June 2020

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