Press – BBC iPlayer – Mini Series

BBC produced drama which focuses on two rival news outlets with differing approaches to journalism.

The plot is centred around politically connected, unscrupulous editor Duncan Allen (played by Ben Chaplin) who runs successful fictional tabloid “The Post” which is clearly a wink and a nod to “The Sun” and the wider Murdoch empire. Allen has little time for ethics and even less time for heavyweight political issues unless it involves politicians being caught up in sex or addiction scandals. His ‘news’ outlet is commercially successful and even has power over the British government.

Contrast this with “The Herald” which is a broadsheet reluctant to indulge in sleaze or gossip and which focus on in depth reporting about global issues via good old fashioned investigative journalism. Helmed by their News Editor Holly Evans (played by Charlotte Riley) their thorough approach and addiction to personal crusade often leaves them lagging behind rivals and puts them in dire financial straights.

The battle here is one of big picture: what is news reporting and what is the correct way of approaching it? Moreover, what do the British public really want to read about? And, are the nation’s newspapers a reflection of modern society or simply a devil on the shoulder distracting us from what matters?

The Herald and The Post go head to head over a number of breaking stories across the course of 6 episodes, all of them have different stakes and seemingly different collateral, leaving the viewers to decide which is the best way of “getting the job done”

Decent watch, fairly lightweight and easy to follow but there’s probably a reason why there hasn’t been a thirst for follow up

Rating: 6.5/10

Viewed: December 2020

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