Humans – Netflix – Three Seasons

Dystopian sci-fi drama Humans takes the audience into a parallel 21st century where synthetic androids have begun to play an increasing role in society.

Whether it be through replacing humans as manual labourers, being used to drive efficiencies in the service sector or the ideal solution to providing help at home, their presence has a dividing impact on the wider diaspora. Some see the robots as a force for good and an opportunity to rebalance work/life priorities; others feel threatened as opportunities for blue collar work dries up.

The show has an underlying metaphor attached to it with several similarities drawn with how split society is on issues like immigration and capitalism- comparisons can be drawn with Charlie Brooker’s smash hit Black Mirror.

Following the Hawkins family- who are conflicted over the growing presence of “synths” in towns and cities across South East England- they invest in a new model to help around the house. Soon after, it is clear that their new houseguest exhibits unnatural behaviours. As the story evolves, a wider conspiracy unravels, attracting the attention of forces for good and bad from government and private sector, each seeking to exploit new technologies for professional and personal gain.

A good series which is viewable without too many cringey moments for family viewing. Great performances from Gemma Chan as Mia and Pixie Davies as Sophie.

Rating: 8/10

Viewed: November 2020

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