Soul – Disney+ – Film

Pixar’s latest piece of magic- Soul- dropped on Disney+ on Christmas Day and it turned out to the perfect way to round off festivities after a busy day.

A thought provoking and life affirming story about talented middle aged, middle school teacher Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx) who’s life revolves around soul music as he has spent his career obsessing on catching his ‘big break’ by becoming a touring musician.

The audience are set up to decide whether his ambition is healthy or if it is at the cost of living an ‘unfulfilled’ or lonely existence. Everything is put into perspective for Joe following a life altering encounter on a busy New York City street just as it seems the moment he has waited on forever is within his grasp.

The lead character’s juxtaposed enthusiasm for life clashes with Tina Fey’s mysterious and supernatural being named 22, an entity so desperate not to live that she will do anything to avoid it!

All Disney productions seem to carry a moral of the story; this one seems to be that it’s great to have ambition but sometimes you have to live for the moment and be grateful for everything you’ve got.

Good all-round, clean family fun that might have your kids asking a few deep and meaningful questions while eating the leftover Turkey!

Rating: 8/10

Viewed: December 2020

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