A Christmas Gift from Bob – Amazon – Film

I had been saving the sequel to one of the most heart-warming tales of hope for Christmas Day despite it being available for a number of months and it didn’t disappoint.

This film isn’t going to win any Oscars or “critical acclaim” however there is a high likelihood that it’ll build on the success of its predecessor by stealing your heart. Drawing on the real life struggles of James and his fluffy companion Bob, the story proves that ‘the system’ is utterly wrong however, despite the destitution imposed on them one thing that money can never dictate is kindness, empathy and personal good will.

We pick up the narrative directly after the close of “A Street Cat Named Bob” as James (Luke Tredaway) tries to put his new found sobriety to use by creating a stable, happier home life. Never afraid of hard work or long hours, he and Bob juggle their day job as Big Issue vendors with being a unique human-cat street act combination that spread happiness and positivity to all they meet in Covent Garden.

Along the way they encounter several antagonists who are either filled with mindless jealousy, simple callousness/cruelty from fellow humans and societal constructs that are hell bent on demonising the less fortunate.

As the owner of two cats, it is easy to connect the importance of animals to people’s mental well-being and with this (as well as the previous film) comes a timely reminder that pets can be the saviour for many.

The true story of Bob and James’ struggle to simply ‘live’ should resonate with everyone this Christmas, especially as social media seems to amplify a nasty little need for people to try and out-do one another with a ridiculous amount of gifts. Their previous instalment brought tears to my eyes but this one is an altogether more reaffirming outing. Great for a full family watch (especially if you have kids)

Rating: 7/10

Viewed: December 2020

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