The Search – Netflix – One Season

Another delve into the international series section of Netflix and unfortunately we spent 6 hours watching this bizarre dramatised Mexican true story, marketed as a “whodunnit” murder case surrounding a child in Mexico.

From the off, it was hard to take the show seriously as most of it was played to a really strange soundtrack which felt like layering situation comedy on top of a serious detective drama. Some of the acting is extremely hammy and for long periods there doesn’t seem to be a lot happening as it stumbles from one scene to the next.

You can tell some of the cast are notable Latino soap stars as their range and ability is very limited. The end is totally anti-climatic with the “moral of the story” seeming to be Mexico will always be corrupt and people are incredibly selfish… if you do watch it and can figure out what exactly is happening and whether I have totally misread the meaning of the show then please get in touch and enlighten me!

If you want to practice your Spanish, probably a half decent shout- otherwise don’t bother.

Rating: 4/10

Viewed: November 2020

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