Fargo – Netflix – Three Seasons

Noah Hawley’s majestic noir crime drama set across three separate decades with three entirely different cast’s is as close to perfect as TV will ever be.

Expanding on the universe surrounding the Coen Brothers 1996 film, I have seen each series on individual basis, mainly in a haze on long haul flights but upon re-watching both myself and my partner agree that Fargo is pretty imperious in regards to storytelling, casting, cinematography and realism.

All three series are connected by the golden thread of a sleepy, small town in North Dakota which haphazardly ends up the scene of a plethora of calamitous crimes and capers.

Season one sparkles with the on screen chemistry between downtrodden loser Lester Nygaard played by Martin Freeman (The Office, The Hobbit, Sherlock) and cold, calculated mobster hitman Lorne Malvo played by Billy Bob Thornton.

Understated season two is brought to life by Kirsten Dunst who plays bored, OCD housewife Peggy Blumquist who gets a taste for the fast life and slowly morphs into a sociopath while destroying the lives of everyone she encounters, until she bites off more than she can chew.

Season three takes the show to new heights; Ewan McGregor takes on two roles as brothers Emmet and Ray Stussy who both have very different social standings and career paths but begin to develop a common enemy- David Thewlis’ mysterious criminal syndicate boss V.M Varga. The season is enhanced by one of my favourite characters of the whole series- Nikki Swango played by the kick ass Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

An ensemble cast light up each episode as viewers sit at the edge of their seat to find out who dodges justice and escapes accountability, while bringing a host of innocent bystanders down via collateral damage.

Can’t wait for season four to drop in the UK when Chris Rock takes on the mantel as the lead role!

100% the best thing on Netflix.

Rating: 10/10

Viewed: February 2020

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