Unsolved Mysteries – Netflix – Two Seasons

If you’re a frustrated detective harbouring hopes of becoming a late-in-life Hercule Poirot then Unsolved Mysteries (the modern version) is probably ideal evening watching for you!

The premise of the series is what it says on the tin, producers have spent 3 years digging through hundreds of submissions looking for the most intriguing crimes or unexplained happenings to bring to the fore, with the hope an eagle eyed viewer will come forward with new information…basically Crimewatch with extra terrestrial sightings and better production values.

There are 12 episodes but a few of them are a bit boring (no disrespect to the victims of those particular crimes!) however, the short nature of each instalment means you can move on from the duds quickly. Definitely enjoyed (if that’s the correct terminology given the subject matter) Death in Oslo, Death Row Fugitive, Washington Insider Murder and House of Terror the most.

Probably worth a watch if you like the True Crime genre and fancy a macabre guessing game to go along with your beer/wine and snacks.

Rating: 7/10

Viewed: November 2020

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