White Gold – Netflix – Two Seasons

Mindless but entertaining comedy bringing back together half of the Inbetweener foursome with Gossip Girl lead Ed Westwick who seems to have perfected the “shitbag” character to a tee.

Set against the backdrop of the “UPVC and double glazing” revolution in the 1980s, the story follows the dodgy sales exploits of fictional business Cachet Windows who harbour ambitions to provide conservatories and new windows to unassuming, un-needing citizens across Essex and North London.

With all three lead characters taking different approaches to selling their ‘white gold’ in an attempt to become rich, they grapple with rival competitors, the legal system and testy customers.

Joe Thomas and James Buckley have excellent on screen chemistry however, I’m sure they now need to spend a prolonged period apart to avoid becoming completely one dimensional.

The producers do a great job of delivering an 80’s feel with the sets, costume and music and with each episode being less than 30 minutes it’s ideal to watch if your attention span is short!

Rating: 7/10

Viewed: November 2020

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