Criminal: Spain

Riding off the back of successful sister programme Criminal:UK, the Spanish version of this show details a whole host of new crimes including a terrorist attack, sororicide and matricide.

Emma Suarez plays bullish Chief Inspector Maria de los Angeles Toranzo Puig who’s hardline approch to interrogation splits opinion amongst her police colleagues and brings her into regular conflict with her superiors.

Exploring the psychological chess of interviewing the purported evil and criminal underclass, Maria is flanked by fellow officers who supplement her direct style with different techniques aimed at drawing out their adversaries darkest secrets.

In particular, episode 3 “Carmelo” leads to a lot of questions about perceived underlying racism within the Spanish police and where a criminal can ever truly be reformed or receive a fair hearing for any new crime they have committed purely due to their past.

There is something quite unique about the cat and mouse narrative presented across all four versions of this show- the actors in each cast have perfected verbalised tennis and the scriptwriters always move the narrative on at the exact correct time.

Recommend that you watch with Spanish audio rather than English dub, the subtitles help you grasp the story better.

Rating: 8/10

Viewed: September 2020

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