Stateless – Netflix – Limited Series

“Escape” is the underlying theme in this top class Australian limited series focusing on one family’s desperate attempt to flee persecution and another troubled girl’s desperate attempt to feel ‘free’

Yvonne Strzechowski storms the screen with her portrayal of Sofie, a troubled air hostess who is crushed by family pressure to be something she is not. Obsessed with evading the expectations of her mother and father she lands herself in hot water and the lies she tells have grave consequences.

Juxtaposed is Afgan refugee Ameer who is striving to provide his family with a safe, better life. Travelling between continents and unaware who to trust, he invests an inordinate amount of money with people smuggler Oshin who promises to take him to sanctuary in Australia.

Without giving too much away, both protagonist characters collide amidst chaos, cruelty and incalculable inhumane circumstances to find commonality in the grave situation they find themselves in with one hope: providing a better future for those they love and feeling free of the oppression they encounter daily.

Cate Blanchett provides a superb cameo.

Rating: 8.5/10

Viewed: January 2021

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