The Devil Next Door – Netflix – Docuseries

Who is John Demjanjuk? That is the question facing viewers in this tale of a supposed community focused Ohio man who has spent his life living in splendid bliss and keeping a low profile since emigrating to the United States in the 1940’s.

One day, his life is seemingly turned upside down as he is apparently identified as notorious Nazi concentration camp guard Ivan the Terrible who was responsible for the torture and extermination of 28,000 Jew’s, Romany’s and trade unionists at Sobibor Extermination Campus during the second world war.

Arrested and denaturalized by the American government, Demjanjuk’s demure demeanour either suggests a man accepting his fate or simply realising he doesn’t have the resources to fight the system.

The beauty of this show is the hours of courtroom footage available to analyse with so much uncertainty surrounding the masses of evidence that is presented in prosecution.

The producers do a great job tracking down survivors of his apparent atrocities as well as a number of his former work colleagues and friends from his life in the states, all of whom give a different perspective on the man in question.

Lots of questions to be asked in the aftermath of this, mainly has justice really been served?

Rating: 8/10

Viewed: May 2020

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